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Toddler II

Age Range: 

Areas of Learning: 

24 - 35 months

Cognitive & Social Development

Potty Training


Nurturing Creativity, Agility, and Perception

During their first years, children are actively exploring their world and discovering their abilities. Toddlers aged two and three are exceptionally curious and energetic, so it is essential that they be given fun, stimulating activities in a safe setting. Our knowledgeable instructors foster early learning skills through activities like crafting, painting, playing, talking, rhyming, and counting, all designed to encourage toddlers’ creativity, improve agility, and support their budding awareness. J&L Family Learning Daycare Center offers effective early childhood education programs in small classrooms to ensure that your child can fully reach their developmental potential.

Preparing Your Child for Preschool and Beyond

The purpose of an effective early learning program is to prepare your child for preschool, kindergarten and any later formal education. Through speech, socialization, creativity and fitness, our early learning program builds a strong foundation upon which your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical abilities can flourish. Our early learning programs joyfully prepare your little one for success in their next developmental stage, as well as later in life.

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