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Age Range: 

Areas of Learning: 

3 - 5 years old




Laying a Solid Foundation

Your child is making big moves in preschool. They're progressing from learning letters to learning words, from using scissors to measuring in cooking class. Preschoolers ask questions nonstop and want to do more and more by themselves. It's an important time as preschoolers acquire the crucial skills necessary for them to enter Kindergarten -confident, well prepared and with the desire to learn!

The Important Preschool Years

Preschool provides the freedom and opportunity for children to develop and grow in independence and confidence. An engaged child learns! While having fun, they aren't even aware they are developing reading and math skills. In addition, your child will gain the social skills necessary to succeed in Kindergarten. Through small and large group instruction and activities, teachers focus on every child as an individual enabling them to gain knowledge and thrive.

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