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Thank you for considering us as a partner in the development and education of your child. We are delighted you are interested in enrolling at J&L Family Learning Center. From the first hello to the last goodbye, we are committed to earn your trust and having every child feel safe, nurtured and excited to learn with us. 

You are invited to tour the J&L Family Learning Center location nearest you, meet with

the staff and learn more about what makes us so special for parents and children.

Either schedule a tour, call the center or just drop in to see us at any time!

We look forward to becoming your partner through your child's precious years of growth

and development, and delighting you with the innovative ways J&L Family Learning Center brings out the best in your child.

Documents that will be requested when enrolling students:

  • Photo ID 

  • Two current check stubs

  • Physical Completed (Lead Test, Blood Pressure High/Weight)

  • Student’s Birth Certificate

  • Medical card

  • Social Security Number

Paperwork to be completed at the center

  • Childcare Application

  • Daycare Application

  • Parent Handbook


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